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Welcome to the K1 Website for all those who are interested in an exciting dinghy with a lifting keel which has now proven itself to be a fast reliable boat suited to sailors of all shapes and sizes as well as different levels of expertise.

The boat has now been sailed since 2011 and has more than 150 owners all enjoying their boats in every conceivable location from the sea, coastal estuaries and all the way to Windermere sized lakes. As well as established fleets in a number of locations there are boats spread across the country and owners willing to show the boat to all interested parties.

We are now updating the site for K2 owners. Please be patient as we load content relevant to the K2. All K1 open events in the open series are also open to K2 owners – when sufficient numbers turn up, they will be given a separate start. If you are a K1 or K2 owner, and want to host an open event, please get in touch.

The forum part of the web site is currently closed, due to abuse. We use Facebook to keep in touch instead. There is a public group on facebook “K1 UK Class Association”. Please contact us through the facebook group if you are a K1 or K2 owner, or want more information about the boat.

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Latest News

19 July

2017 Open Series

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Here is the final position, Well done David Hume, who was well clear…… Also Well Done to David Pritchett, he being the only person to attend all events – a prize deserved for that! we will have to sort that for next year! Until next year! K1 Open series 2017

21 September

K1 2016 Open Series to date

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Here is the results to date, up to and including The 2016 Open Series culminated with the Pumpkin Race at Broxbourne, an event characterised by very low wind speeds, although the wind speed never dropped to zero, concentration was required to maintain boat speed at all times, and avoid drifting onto marks, as turns would […]

22 March

First event for 2016

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wimbleball The Wimbleball event took place last weekend, our first open of 2016. A full report is posted above! A great time was had by all….. Well done Jeff!