19 July

2017 Open Series

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Here is the final position, Well done David Hume, who was well clear…… Also Well Done to David Pritchett, he being the only person to attend all events – a prize deserved for that! we will have to sort that for next year! Until next year! K1 Open series 2017

22 March

First event for 2016

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wimbleball The Wimbleball event took place last weekend, our first open of 2016. A full report is posted above! A great time was had by all….. Well done Jeff!  

25 June

2015 Open Series so far!!!!!

I’ve attached the results to date…..

23 June

K1 70 for sale. £6500

Contact Alfie for further details – see attached PDF

20 April

K1 Merchandise

Alfie, who many will know through regular open meetings, has set up some very smart shirts for members. These will come with the K1 logo, and can additionally be embroidered with your sail number and boat name. Prices start from £12.55 and the quality is excellent. See the Merchandise page for more details!

15 April

K1 committee Minutes, March 2015

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After the Wimbleball open, the K1 committee met. The minutes are available for download.

1 April

Reefing : further developments

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This year I have been putting my mind to the problem of reducing the sail area when it gets too windy – again with the help of my old Swedish friend, Dr Loof Lirpa. The obvious solution is to reduce the sail area at the top of the mainsail, but to still have a full […]