The K1 single-handed performance keelboat heralds a new era of single-handed sailing; combining speed, style and ease of sailing.

This unique mini yacht has a lifting keel with bulb weighing 62 kg yet its all-up weight is little more than a conventional single-handed dinghy. The hull is constructed using the latest resin infusion techniques to minimise weight. The carbon spars are ultra light and responsive.

The slender hull has little resistance when heeled so is quick and tacks through a very narrow angle. The self-tacking jib is set on a pole for maximum ease of control. The cockpit is deep and comfortable when sitting on the deck edge.

The result is a boat that is an absolute joy to sail and guaranteed to provide effortless, fast sailing and close tactical racing.

Although the details can tell you all about the boat they cannot convey the fun that you get sailing the boat.

It is a very responsive boat that forgives so many errors on the helm’s part. When you get the feel of the boat it responds so quickly to any small adjustments that it ends up “fitting like a glove”.

It is a joy that really does get better as the wind builds and the helm has the confidence that the boat will in, nearly all, circumstances just roll back up with you on board and ready to sail away.

It has proven itself to be a fine sea boat as well as finding good homes in lakes and rivers of all sizes.

Enjoy looking at the photos across the site and see what we mean.